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N-Tax Accounting understands how time consuming VAT returns and bookkeeping can be as a business owner, which is why we’ll look after it for you. Our team offers a comprehensive list of VAT returns and bookkeeping services for small, medium and large business, ensuring that your tax details and payments are aligned and in order. If you’ve been spending too long looking at your company’s paperwork, why not hire us to do it instead?



Nobody likes paying inheritance tax, so N-Tax Accounting are here to advise you on how to keep the payments of this tax to a minimum.

Our team of experts can advise you on methods of how to keep this branch of taxation low when you’re preparing your will.

We pride ourselves on offering easy and effective ways of preparing your finances for your loved ones after you pass away.



N-Tax Accounting offers a wide range of personal tax services ranging from capital gains tax to trust and settlements tax, benefit in kind, revenue audits, PRSI and more. Our team will speak to you in a language you understand, helping you to organise and pay your personal tax in a way that is manageable, understandable and hassle-free.

For additional information on our tax accountant services, please see our personal tax accountant page.



Corporation tax is tax that is applied to your businesses’ worldwide profits and capital gains, and can often feel like a minefield to organise as a limited company. N-Tax Accounting can help your to organise your company’s corporation tax easily and stress-free.
In general, corporation tax is calculated based on the profits made by a business during a specific period, usually a financial year. Businesses are required to report their profits to the tax authorities, and tax is then calculated on this figure. Businesses may also be entitled to deductions or allowances that can reduce their tax liability.



Whether you’re a small business owner, sole trader or have a large business empire, N-Tax Accounting are here to help with all things taxation.
Our team are highly experienced tax accountants who can help with all general tax queries as well as more specialised services. Our tax planning, compliance and advisory services will show you how to get on top of your company’s taxes, providing stress free advice and plans to ensure that your company is compliant and organised when it comes to your taxes. If you need a professional to help you out with tax, why not contact us today for a chat?



Many business owners do not have a set remuneration strategy- i.e. a take-home pay. Setting yourself a salary as the owner of your business requires careful consideration, and bringing tax and compliance into the picture can confuse things greatly. The team at N-Tax Accounting can advise you in all affairs of tax efficient remuneration, helping you to look closely at your tax details and advise you of the most cost-effective way to set yourself a salary. As well as providing stability and order, our tax efficient remuneration services allow you to see exactly where your company stands financially.



N-Tax accounting will handle full rental commercial and private accounts, ensuring you avail of all appropriate capital allowances.

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